The River Trip

This was the first year I went on the River Trip.  I am not a seasoned camper and I do not enjoy fishing.  To say I ‘do not enjoy fishing’ is an understatement – I am actually afraid of fish.  Afraid of fish like some people are afraid of spiders or snakes.  So imagine my husband’s surprise when I agreed to take and cast a rod.  Now imagine my surprise when I caught a fish.  And again, image everyone else’s surprise when I let loose a scream that could burst your eardrum and leave you with a scratchy throat for a few hours afterwards.  I was stuck in the boat, a fish on my line and my fight or flight response kicked into overdrive.  Except I couldn’t run because I was in the boat.  So I tried to throw the rod (my husband took it), sat down and tried not to pass out.  For real.  I don’t know what kind of fish I caught, the colour (silver?) or the size, but I remember debating if I should jump into the freezing water (yes, I know that makes NO sense) to avoid contact with this fish.  Instead, I poured a Starbucks travel sized mug of red wine and tried to get my heart rate back down to normal.


You’ll see that I did take photos of other fish being caught during this trip.  Which didn’t bother me.  Even when my husband was catching fish and bringing them into the boat for the sole purpose of being photographed, I was fine.  I’m guessing because of the wine.  You’ll also see a selfie I took.  I’m guessing, again, because of the wine.  And then you’ll notice the photo taking trails off for a bit….


The photos picked up for a little bit the following morning.  But the day was too nice so I opted for a coffee with Baileys and a good book at the bow of the boat instead.  Feet kicked up.  Nothing but the sounds of nature with the occasional holler when someone had a fish on the line.


  • Julie Winter - October 21, 2014 - 8:38 pm

    Jen, those are awesome! You are truly talented and it was so much fun having you along for this trip! Captured the fishing spirit that these guys have!ReplyCancel

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